Sponsor us

Help us to fight poverty and starvation in our country by contributing the following: 


1. Financial Support : Become a member by sign up R20 annual fee and deposit direct into the bank account of organisation

2. Once of financial contribution

3. Annual Financial contribution




We need to buy property in the name of the organisation and to run all our existing projects, the estimated cost will be 2 mil.



We need two vehicles to operate with ,one Nissan bakkie  to pick up and drop food products and one small branded vehicle for day to day activity. The estimate cost for transport will be R500 000.    

Projects Needs:

Food Distribution Centre: Food or money contribution to buy food
Soup Kitchen: Food or money contribution to buy food
Food parcels: Food or money contribution to buy food
Clothing/Blanked Distribution: Children clothes boy and girls between the age of 1 to 16 years and blankets or money to buy the items
After Care Project: We need four new computers to teach the child the basic computer skills to type their own CV’s and complete their homework assignments. We need money to install internet for them to also do research work.
Information Office: We need administration equipment like,new computers we need sponsorship for the buying of ink for the printer and filing cabinets.
Veggie Garden Project: We need vegetables seedlings  and tools.

Future projects:

Needlework and sewing: We need sponsorships for two sewing machines; this is to enable two people to work for a stipend and to generate money for the organisation.
The persons will also be able to fix clothes that we receive from locals and distribute it to people who are in need.